With the commencement of a new year comes the anticipation of the next beauty trends - (cut crease; #ThankYouNEXT). But one beauty look still going strong and requires no introduction, is everyones obsession with achieving the perfect brow! Weather that be your henna gals, those super precise Anastasia brows - or my personal favourite, the brushed up - feathered brow!

Theres nothing more satisfying than having a client look into the mirror after completing their make-over and hearing the words ‘Oh my god - my brows are perfect’ ! But what do you do when you don’t have a makeup artist at your disposal each morning to assist you in taming those brows of yours? Well, my aim with this post is to have you feeling confident in achieving those feathered brow goals. I will go through step by step in teaching you and letting you know all the tools (all three of them) that you will need to achieve the look.

  1. Make sure your brows are clean! I like to apply my base first so that I know my perfectly precise brush strokes aren’t going to be messed up when applying my base - in saying this, it is inevitable that some foundation products and primers won’t end up in your brow - SO - simply dampen the pointed end of a cotton tip with your chosen micellaire water (*my go to is always Bioderma Solution) and then gently run along your brows - cleaning away any excess product from the hairs. This will ensure you achieve a clean, smooth brow with out that milky, oily build up on the brows.

  2. Grab your soap - Beachy Brows soap that is! This is my go to brow product ( I even stock it in my studio now - YAY ) It is so simple to use and gives amazing results. I like to have a little spray bottle of water (* I use this spray bottle from Priceline) and I simply mist the brow soap with a spray of water so it is damp - then you apply the product to the spoolie with comes in your BB kit and then zig zig the spoolie through your brows dragging all of the hairs in an upward direction. This assures that all the hairs are coated with the product, as well as letting the product go tacky. Once all hairs are coated you then shape them to your desired shape - to achieve the full feathered look, brush the first third of your brows directly upright and then fan them out from there, making sure to give them a slightly higher lift than where they would normally sit. You will find that applying pressure with the spoolie will leave the hairs sitting perfectly flat against the skin and once the product has dried they won’t move from this position!! Winning!

  3. Lastly - yep, thats right - three steps to perfect brows! You will just need a felt tip brow pen to and some extra hair strokes to fill in any gaps. My go to is the MAC Shape & Shade felt tip pen - The point of the pen is so sharp and you can get such a precise line! I also rate the Curtis Collection Brow Perfector - however for the same value the MAC one comes with the added sponge end with tinted powder on the other end..
    Now all you have to do is simply follow the direction of the hairs, in the way you have set them. Adding spirattic ‘hair strokes’ to give your brow some more depth and filling in any areas that look too thin or patchy. You want the bulk of your fullness to be in the first, inner third of your brow and then less as it fades out to the end.

And thats literally it! Your brows are done for the day! These three steps should only take you a couple of minutes and paired with a tinted moisturiser, mascara and your favourite gloss will give you an effortless, polished look! I hope that with these steps and also my first ever You Tube Look & Learn clip that you too can achieve your most perfect brow!




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Elle xx