Classic Beauty Vs Colour Pop

Defining your style can be a tricky area to describe, especially when there are so many sources of inspiration these days! It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with all the beautifully curated lifestyles we have access to thanks to Instagram - one day I might be feeling like my ideal aesthetic is that minimalist Kim K / Yeezy vibe where as the next I could do a 180 and accessorise with the chicest head band and channel my inner Blair Waldorf!

Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post, I’m going to be talking all things brides and how to help you create your most authentic wedding day style! If there’s one day of your life where you can truely show your nearest and dearest exactly what you and your partners (let’s be honest though - your style 😉) style is - it has to be your wedding day! The day should emulate exactly YOU and everything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy - turning up on your wedding day in the latest trending, sequin gown with a sleek pony tale and a pampas grass clad arbour - when you would normally wear a tailored outfit with tousled curls and enjoy the smell of jasmine is going to leave your guests confused on who’s wedding they’re at as well as a face palm moment for you in years to come when you look back at your photos and think ‘what was I thinking!?’. When asked about helping a bride choose her ultimate gown, the glorious gal that is Grace from Twelve South Bridal perfectly summed it up by saying “If you love it - wear it! If it makes you smile, it’s probably the one.”

But beautiful dresses aren’t all that is going to complete your wedding day look, if they were - I’d probably be out of a job! So, with out further a-do, lets get to the topic of beauty looks. Over the last 12 or so years I have pretty much been able to put my clients into one of the two following categories, either - a Classic Beauty Bride or a Colour Pop bride. When meeting with a new client for a trial I first like to discuss the style direction she’s heading in, so that in my mind I can determine which category to put her in. Things I may quiz the bride on is - What style is your dress, where have you been looking for style inspiration, who are your wedding vendors - stylist, florist, photographer etc. If you’re telling me your gown is a modern, straight skirt silk gown, your inso comes from Party with Lenzo and your photographer is Kas Richards I’m probably going to put you straight into the ‘Colour Pop’ category - I’m sensing the kinda gal that likes to party and is up for maybe a splash of colour of her lip or glassy, glow skin with a peachy cheek.

Creating an authentic look for YOU is more than just picking a picture on pinterest and showing your glam team - its about 1. finding the right hair/makeup team for you - a team that you feel comfortable with and who you know you can entrust to bring your vision to life as well as knowing that they are going to keep you real, that they are like those friends that are going to say ‘no sis, that look isn’t working for you / how about we try this’ and then absolutely blowing your mind with how indredible they made you feel when you first caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror for the first time! Thats your team!
When i chatted with Becc at Achemy on this topic i loved her comment that she asks her client what are the 3 hairstyles she finds herself wearing the most in day to day life, as these are styles she feels most comfortable wearing and what makes her feel her best. And that she would then tweet one of these looks and give it a glam feel and turn it into her perfect hairstyle for her big day! I absolutely LOVE this !! If you’re someone that always wears your hair out and straight - there is no need to drastically decide on a french roll for your big day!

Im so lucky to be able to surround myself with such creative individuals, Katie from Pollen and Patina being one of them.. If theres someone that knows how to stay authentic to her style, its Katie! Like, did you see her signage at Kindred Fair? #AintNoBasicBit*h - Yep, she went there and it was fabulous, not everyones cup of tea - but it spoke to her vibrant and audacious tribe! Her input on the topic of style - ‘When I work with a bride to design her dream bouquet, I always ask for some inspo pictures to get me started. From there it’s all about personality. Is the bride a confident extravert? Let’s do colour or a bold big statement. Or is the bride more reserved? I’ll then design something that is classic and considered. Style is about confidence, don’t second guess your choices.’ Well said Katie!!

I hope that this article has made you stop and think about what it is that you want to create for your special day! Remember to always do something because YOU love it and not because its trending on twitter! If you have any questions I would love for you to email me, or simply comment below. Now please enjoy these stunning images below - showcasing my take on Classic Beauty Vs Colour Pop. All credits of the epic teams who helped put these shots together are listed above both series - so please make sure you check them out and mention where you seen their work if something jumps out to you!

Much love,
Elle x

Meet our ‘Classic Beauty’ Bride ~ Sandy - and the epic team behind this styled shoot!

Dress: Twelve South Bridal - Gown by; Jack Sullivan Designs

Hair: Alchemy Bridal

Floral: Victoria Hall Emporium

Photographer: Sherise Fleming

Venue: Mewburn Park

Shoot took place at Kindred Fair

Makeup and style direction: Me 😁

And of course, our ‘Colour Pop’ bride - Grace and the epic team behind this styled shoot

Dress: Amante Bridal - dress by; Daughters of Simone

Hair: Alchemy Bridal

Florals: Pollen and Patina

Photography: Sherise Fleming

Venue: Mewburn Park

Shoot took place at Kindred Fair

Makeup and style direction: Me ☺️